About Us

Some of our ideas have been in place from the beginning such as no declawing. Others have been developed over the years and we now do early spays & neuters.

We have developed our own method of intensive handling from day one until they leave for their new homes.

Both the British Shorthair kittens and the Maine Coon kittens benefit from this attention and the results are that they turn into very loving cats. So much so the owners of
either breed frequently come back for another and refer all their friends to us.

We like to ensure that new owners have all the information they will need to make a smooth transition for the kitten or cat into their new home and for themselves too. We provide reading material as well as advice for the best ways to introduce the kitten/cat to their new home.

We have additional material for introductions to animals they may already have and we are always willing to help with any challenges that arise.

So whether you’re looking for a loving family companion or that special show prospect, please contact us and use the form so we can best help you.

Karen and Ira Multer