Honeycoon Maine Coon and Brittasweet British Shorthair Cats

Ira and I started showing and breeding Maine Coon Cats in 1986 in Florida. We retired to North Carolina and added the British Shorthair breed to our household of pedigreed cats. We have been producing regional and national award winning Maine Coon and British Shorthair cats. The choice of our cattery names reflects our deep affection for these two breeds. From the start of our breeding program our efforts have been dedicated to producing healthy, genetically sound kittens with loving personalities. We have both pet and show cats, winning hearts and earning awards around the world. We have continually refined our methods and ideas about raising our kittens. They are members of our family until we place them with their new families.

It was hard to do but we recently decided to place all of our Maine Coons and focus on a reduced number of British Shorthairs. A couple of breeders will continue on with our lines.

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Breeder Credentials

All of our Brits have been cleared for PKD. Either our cats or their parents have been DNA tested

Cattery of Distinction Tier l Superior