British Short Hair Cats

British Shorthairs are the ultimate, living teddy bear. While not every one of them is a lap cat, so many of them are. If they are not in your lap, they are right next to you and follow you about to see what you are doing and be near you. Many of ours run to the door to greet anyone who enters our home. Their wonderfully full-cheeked, round faces melt hearts and bring smiles to every face. Those big round eyes of beautiful copper (can be gold) and super-plush fur just invite cuddling.

Our efforts have also included breeding for the friendliest, most outgoing and people- oriented lines we can find. Along with this, we are always on the lookout for genetic outcrosses to improve the vigor and maintain good health and immune systems.

While a few are reserved around strangers, even they are very affectionate with their own family They are also known for preferring “four on the floor.” This refers to not liking to be picked up but we raise them with intensive handling from birth to overcome this natural tendency as much as possible. As a result, they can all be picked up, many can be carried and some
have no objections at all to being carried about a lot!

They tend to be very good eaters and not finicky. Although it is possible to make just about any cat finicky if given LOTS of choices. Of course some people love to spoil their little darlings and relish trying to keep up with them being finicky !! We prefer a slightly more sensible approach and tend to feed just a small selection of high quality, premium foods.

Affectionate and adorable, we’re hooked and you will be too!



The origins of British Shorthairs is the origin of cats on the island of Great Britain. The commonly accepted theory is that the Roman invasion brought cats to England. Cats have not always been considered pets, so early “domestic” cats were intelligent, hardy and wary. These same traits exist in the breed today. The isolated nature of life on an island, caused a great deal of common traits in the native cats and are typical of the standard we breed for now. As a result, British Shorthairs can be considered a “natural” breed, and we attempt to preserve their hardiness and intelligence.

Though they originally came only in blue (gray), the devastation of their population caused by the bombing of England in WWII caused Persians to be used to re-stock the breed and thereby introduced a wide variety of colors to the breed.
Although Persians continue to be used to breed to British Shorthairs in England, the American standard does not accept this and Brits must have at least 5 generations of only British Shorthairs. The personality of this cat has remained fairly consistent throughout the ages; the watchful eyes of a keen hunter which now catches bugs in the house-or toys.

The quiet, confident manner of an intelligent and dignified member of the household. Raised in a loving and secure environment they are very affectionate with a loud purr and a habit of bumping their head on you. Most Brits prefer to keep their feet on the ground and may resist being picked up and carried around, however we do train them while young to tolerate this in good nature and some even learn to enjoy it. They are very devoted and will follow you around and settle in near you if not always on you. They love being petted and groomed and require very little upkeep as their coat while thick, is also short and easy to care for. The British Shorthair standard calls for a very round cat, round head, round eyes, round body, thick tail with a rounded tip, small wide-set ears with rounded tips and a distinctive, wide muzzle with large round whisker pads. A standard with a strong theme-round! Brits tend to be a hefty, full-bodied and compact cat. Females are usually 9 to 13 lbs., males are 14 to 22 lbs. and they are very slow maturing and may take a good 4 years to reach their full weights COLORS; Solids– blue, black, white, cream, red, black smoke and blue smoke. Tabbies-(can be classic, mackerel or spotted patterns) blue, brown, red, cream, silver, and patched tabbies (two colors). Parti-colors-includes Bi-Colors-any solid color with white and Blue-Cream, Tortoiseshell, Calico and dilute Calico (blue-cream w/white)